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Gearson's Journal
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Sunday, August 4th, 2002
7:44 pm
Still hospitalized
I apologize for my lack of availability as of late. I'm still in the hospital. My ailment is definitely not from an influx of Gaza Termites.

My doctor and I have a combined IQ of around 403. We've narrowed it down to two things:

Beef - I enjoy a good steak as often as possible. I also enjoy a cheeseburger or two. I normally do my own grocery shopping. And when I do, I only buy the finest cuts of meat. 100% Grade-A beef from the healthiest brown Angus cows. So either somebody sabotaged my freezer, and replaced my fine cuts of meat with some unhealthy beef... Or my butcher (my now former butcher) tried to poison me himself.

Sanka - Anybody who knows ol Gearson, knows that I have a vice. And that vice is Sanka. Sometimes I can't even brush my teeth before having a hot cup of Sanka. If it weren't for the Sanka, I'd never get any of my pamphlets published on time. It really peps me up when I'm feeling worn down. And I have reason to believe that Sammy Engles or his associates may have poisoned my Sanka. You can bet that from now on, I'll only brew a single cup at a time.

Well, visiting hours are about to begin, and my nurse said that I have a rather peculiar looking visitor. I wonder who it is.
Wednesday, July 24th, 2002
1:50 am
Gaza Termites?
First of all, I'd like to apologize to all our associates for my recent hiatus. You see, I'm in the hospital. I have IV's in every vein of my body.

The doctors weren't sure what my ailment was at first. The original diagnosis was that I'd been bitten by a Gaza Termite. In my workshop, I've had a termite problem for a long time. I've been bitten by pesky termites before while typing out pamphlets, but never before had I experienced such a reaction. The newspapers were reporting an influx of termites from the West Bank/Gaza Strip in recent weeks, and we thought perhaps I was bitten by one. But after sending zoologists and exterminators to my workshop, there were no signs of the place being overrun with Gaza Termites at all.

I'm still not feeling well... The medical staff will be conducting several more tests on me over the next few days. Believe me, I Gearson will figure out what this mysterious infliction is. I hope our unit can resume our normal activities soon. We will not be stopped!!
Thursday, May 23rd, 2002
5:53 pm
Sammy Engles: Lobbyist & Antagonist
Heaven forbid he'd locate our whereabouts. But Pete tells me that Sammy Engles is hot on our trail.

He's been a thorn in our side since the Nebgen administration. Always trying to thwart our efforts. He's one of our greatest foils.

I'm speaking from my gut when I say...Sammy Engles is out there killing kids to keep taxes down. I've published many pamphlets with hard evidence that he is in-fact doing so.

I advise all our understudies to not, I repeat, DO NOT communicate with this man, or help him pinpoint our whearabouts. And do not let his tacit smile fool you. He's out to spoil our mission. He's well connected. An informer of sorts.

He's a diabolical lobbyist who's incahoots with the Mayor. And everybody knows that for years, the mayor's been killing kids to keep taxes down. It's a well-documented fact.

Pete has posted a picture of Sammy Engles on his website to keep everybody alert as to what our constituant looks like.


Thank you & keep your eye on the sparrow.

Current Mood: be alert!
Thursday, May 2nd, 2002
11:26 pm
Betrayal of a United Cause
It appears we have an understudy trying to branch out on his own. Apparantly he's taking credit for laying the groundwork that Pete & myself broke our backs for in the past.

We first found rugburnboy when he was going by the name of kipkinkel. He apparantly broke the laws of the internet, and was suspended from posting. He resurfaced as assfucker. And well, he was again suspended for his antics. Then he came back to us under the name of rugburnboy.

Pete and myself stuck with this kid throughout all his troubles. We never gave up on him. He was an important part of our batallion for a long time. And he helped introduce other youngsters to the ways of the Pamphleteers. We'll he's now crossed the line.

In January, Pete was the judge of a sheep show. And as expected, all the simple minded antagonists made the obligatory sheep sex jokes, but Pete was proud to be a judge. He dedicated a post to his proudest moment.


Well, now our insubordinate understudy rugburnboy is taking credit for Pete's accomplishment. We let him into our world with this strictist of confidentiality. We trusted him enough to let him rise within the ranks of our cause. Well, he's betrayed us beyond belief my friends. And his followers are completely unaware of his checkered past, as well as his misguided intentions.


Although Pete won't be happy when he learns of the news, I can assure you the Pamphleteers still believe in rugburnboy, kipkinkel, assfucker, dirtydaddysgirl, michaelharder, or whatever other alias he's calling himself these days...It's just ashame he's run astray.

Current Mood: perturbed
Wednesday, May 1st, 2002
4:45 pm
Roger P. Winarski
Pete should be returning from picking up Roger within the next day or so. Roger's been staying with Pete's nephew that lives in Wyoming. I tell ya, that Roger's a bright kid. It's too bad he's wasting his potential though.

Heck, I don't know what Roger's gonna do when he gets back here. I don't think he can make an honest living with his hotdog/pretzel stand back here. But I do sure hope he brings his hotdog/pretzel cart with him. I could sure go for a salty jumbo pretzel right about now.

Besides, Pete finally got his truck out of that ditch, and it has plenty of room in the back for Roger's belongings.

Well, it's getting late. I'd better get some sleep.

Current Mood: anticipating
Thursday, April 4th, 2002
10:37 am
Insubordination: The Plague of the 21st Century
It seems we have some insubordinates amongst the group. This saddens me greatly, and it downright angers Pete.

Apparently some members of our platoon are pointing fingers, as well as questioning the validity of our mission. We're not hiding any information from our troops, including our whereabouts. Read our bios on the pamphlets we sent you when you first joined the unit.

If you did so, you would realize that The Pamphleteers are extremely mobile, and always on the move. We don't have time to sit behind our typewriters all day, talking about Soap Scrubs and Soda Shops.

Be sure to keep your eye on the sparrow, because we can't afford not to.

Current Mood: agitated
Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
8:25 pm
Dudley Moore
I've been away for a few weeks. I have been busy taking care of things. I had to pick up some artwork for my home.

Today, as I arrive home, I'm saddened to learn that the great comedic actor Dudley Moore has died.

I had a chance to meet Dudley, he was about to start shooting a film (I forget the title). A pamphlet of mine came across his office, and he decided to look me up. We had a brief, friendly lunch at a restaurant on the westcoast. He told me he was doing a character study for a film, and wanted to meet a real-life pamphleteer to base his character on. Well I, Gearson was definitely the man for that calling.

Unfortunately for me, the movie was never made. It never even went into pre-production. Here I was, a young man making an honest living at my craft, hoping to catch a brief ride of semi-stardom. It never happened. I'm OK with that, but to this day, Pete reminds me of it on a regular basis. He feels that Mr. Moore had no respect for what we do, and therefore Pete always had contempt in his heart for Dudley Moore.

I recently had a chance to see a new film of his. The movie is called "Arthur". I would suggest you give it a look. I feel this movie has potential to garner major attention from the award-giving academies. I also heard that a sequel was in the works.

God rest his soul.

Current Mood: saddened
Friday, March 1st, 2002
12:56 pm
Key Components
I appreciate the comments and suggestions you all have sent me in regards to the Web-Cam. This thing is great. I haven't been this excited since I published my pamphlet "Society's Elixir".

The young men and women that make up our group are key components to our machine. Without you, our machine would break down and die. But with you, we will march towards the future with our heads held high and our beliefs proudly on display.

And now with the addition of the new Web-Cam, we are amassing a network of unstoppable determination. Before the acquisition of this Web-Cam, I was losing confidence in our troops and our mission. Without keeping up with modern technology, our vessel would surely run aground.

I have a big weekend planned. Be sure to check the Web-Cam periodically to see what I'm getting into. I look forward to communicating with all of you soon.
Monday, February 25th, 2002
1:13 pm
The Gearson Web-Cam
Great news! The Web-Cam is up and running. It took alot of ingenuity to hook it up, but I managed to get it done. The instruction manual wasn't much help, I had to figure it out on my own.

Here's a shot of me as I'm updating right now.

This is great! Now you can get live shots (like this one) as I'm communicating with you. I'm very excited as to what the future may bring.

Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions as to how we can use this cutting-edge technology in different ways to help us advance as a tight-knit unit.

Current Mood: technology is fantastic!
Thursday, February 21st, 2002
11:17 am
Modern Technology
In today's fast-paced world, we've got to stay ahead of the pack. We've got to make the proper adjustments to ensure we don't let the latest advancements in technology pass us by.

That's why I purchased a brand new Web-Cam recently. I know it sounds a little confusing, but let me explain exactly how it works. It is a device that looks like a ball with a hole in it. But it's actually a camera that can take still shots or even capture live motion video of me while I explore the web, or even work on my latest pamphlet. Or perhaps you can even see the exact moment that I post on this website. The possibilities are limitless.

That's what I like about this Web-Cam, the untapped potential of this cutting-edge technology. But before all of you rush out and buy one, you should let me figure out all the pros and cons of working with a Web-Cam...

Plus, they are mighty expensive, and you've got more important things to spend your money on - such as kerosene, pamphlets, and Swiss-Army knives.

I look forward to moving forward with the help of this new Web-Cam. I'll be sure to share my experiences with this futuristic piece of technology as soon as I figure out how to hook it up to my typewriter.
Tuesday, February 12th, 2002
5:39 pm
Could it possibly be??
My latest pamphlet is entitled "Guise of the Foot Soldier". I did some walking around town last month, taking photographs of people's footwear for the pamphlet. I don't remember taking this shot or where it was taken, but after seeing the photo, I have a strange feeling that I know this pair of boots.

That ain't no Foot Soldier. Pardon my language, but that's a goddamn cowboy if I ever saw one. I only know of one man who's cowboy-enough to fill those boots.
12:19 pm
Human... Like you
It appears that some of you people have the tendency to forget (or possibly ignore) the fact that Pete and I are human.

We are VERY human. We deal with everyday issues and struggles just like you. We fight our problems one pant-leg at a time, just like you.

This is why we can relate to the younger generation so well.
Monday, February 11th, 2002
3:56 pm
Healthcare? No thank you!
It's a crying shame that these medical healthcare programs are so whishy-washy. Why don't they come right out and tell you what they're all about, up front?

Stan Antonio didn't trust them at all, and neither should you or I.
Wednesday, February 6th, 2002
4:47 pm
I may not have the fanciest typewriter on the market, but I know a setup when I see one.

Obviously, you kids do not understand the magnitude of the situation.
Tuesday, February 5th, 2002
4:02 pm
In Stan's Memory...
Here's the only photograph known to man of the Great Storm of '78. The storm that took the life of the great Stan Antonio.

The picture was taken just before the storm hit. Pete wanted to capture a moment in time. He was trying to take a photo of Stan and his steeds, but I thought it would be funny to throw mud at Pete's head. The mudball hit Pete just as he was snapping the picture, causing him to miss the shot of Stan entirely, and only catching a pictue of the scenery. As fate would have it, that was the last exposure on Pete's roll of film.

I sometimes feel guilty for causing Pete to miss the shot. It would've been the last shot of our friend Stan Antonio, but instead I caused Pete to catch a shot of the storm that would end his existence.

I curse that day, and I curse that storm.
Friday, February 1st, 2002
11:18 am
For Mother, Pete, and Country
It really boils down to our ability to accept...
Thursday, January 24th, 2002
12:20 pm
The Great Storm of '78
It was the most viscious storm of them all.....The great storm of 1978.

The clouds were angry that day my friends. With an approximate temperature of 43 degrees, and a wind blowing to the east at around 81-89 mph, the rain poured down on us like never before.

I remember Pete, having just returned home from a trip to the woods, telling me of a storm brewing just south of our quarters. He seemed much more concerned than usual. I laughed as I told my hucklebucking friend "Relax Pete, I've got a couple of umbrellas in the shed. We'll bring those along & we'll be high and dry on our trip"... Pete and I were about to embark on our first mission to the Carolinas.

First we had to pick up our cohort, a true cowboy and a true friend. Then we hit the road. Little did we know what we were in store for.

With a thunderous roar, the clouds yelled out at us as if to tell us that the mission to the Carolinas was a horrid mistake. We should've listened to the clouds that day.

The rest of that day's events are too painful to relive at the moment.....

We lost a great friend that day. With regards to his family, I won't reveal his name on the internet for all the world to see. I can however say that he was the finest of cowboys.

A damn fine cowboy indeed.

Current Mood: somber
Wednesday, December 12th, 2001
5:20 pm
El Mozote/Operacion Rascate
As of yesterday, December 11th, it's been 20 years since the deliberate & systematic group-executions of innocent men, women, and children in the village of El Mozote.

Today is a sad day for me as I reminisce about that day. I was up late, trying to meet a self-imposed deadline for my oft-misinterpreted "Fertile Wasteland" pamphlet. I was on my second pot of coffee & my typewriter was whizzing along flawlessly. I got an emergency Morse-Code message from Pete, asking me to meet him at the VFW. I was extremely irritated because I figured it was just another late night inebriated fisherman's club meeting. In retrospect, I wish that's all it was...

We received an urgent bulletin through our network informing us of the El Mozote massacres as they were happening.

In the Department of Morazan, select units of the Atlacatl Battalion, the San Francisco Gotera Commandos, and the 3rd Infantry Brigade had locked these innocent people in their homes at night, then the next day, led them to their slaughter.

"Operacion Rascate" was a so-called anti-guerrilla action, torturing the men, then ultimately executing them. Later the women & children met the same fate.

It's sad this time of year, every year, for me because of the facts of this tragedy have been conveniently swept under the rug for so long. Well, now it's been 20 years, and I, Gearson, will not let it go unnoticed any longer.

I hope after the holiday rush settles down, all of you can get back on the right track, and join myself & Pete on the mission. Pete's setting up a new cabin as we speak.

We will not be stopped!
Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
3:33 pm
I was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist
Below is an excerpt from one of my editorials from my controversial "Gun-Metal Grey" pamphlet I published in the early 1970s. I believe this particular column is a touching tribute to the lives of those before us. It is but one small, yet invaluable, fragment of the backbone that holds the cause together.

"I was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist"

I remember when I was 8 and my father took me to my first 9B-31 Union rally. I shook a lot of greasy hands, and heard a lot of hard-luck stories. With a tear in my eye and a defiant stance in my heart, I felt the pain of the husbands and fathers who labored fruitlessly under the oppressing burden of a 60-plus hour work week.

"Is this the life we've chosen? Have we got nothing left to live for?", I asked as my father stood proudly behind me. I remember a large, bronze-skinned fellow patting me on the head while he stood a broken man, and called me a pup. He told me that 8 was no age to try to buck the system. With a mortgage on his mind and a third-born on the way, this man would leave his home 6 days a week and stand face to face with a inanimate machine. This machine had become his life, his only friend. He had lost the will to win the fight.

I watched that man as he limped into to the so-called "Human Resources" office with a "Where's my paycheck?" look on his face. It nearly broke my spirit as well. At 8 years of age, I had yet to even join the ranks of the working man. And as unwilling as I was to accept it, I was (as the man said) just a mere pup.

Now 14 years later, I still think about that man. I wonder how his machine is holding up. I wonder how his family is holding together. I wonder if he still goes through the motions day after day, breaking his back to put food on his family's plate. I wonder if his spirit is still alive, and if not, when did it die. That day, I made a promise to myself that I would never become that man.

But he told me something that I'll take with me the rest of my life. He said "Young Gearson, this is my favorite machine. This old thing is my livelihood. When I get a new machine, you can have this one".

Gearson - 1971
Tuesday, November 20th, 2001
4:02 pm
The cause is still alive.
Detour after detour. Distraction after distraction. The cause is still alive. The mission will still be carried out no matter what the dilema.

Pete's been covering his tracks well, and is on the verge of a major breakthrough. Me, my typewriter is back and running like a top. So I can resume sharing our philosophies with all of you.

I heard a youngster call a Mexican-American a Mexican the other day. Spoken without benefit of an enlightened mind. I tried to steer the youngster towards the cause, he refused. He called me an old coot. I let him go on his way. It's mindsets like his that will be our greatest adversary in our attempt to carry out our mission and bring the cause to the masses.

I hope you all are still with us. We need you now more than ever.

Current Mood: meloncholy
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